PranaSetO2 – World’s First All in One Non-Invasive Ventilator developed in India



  2. Backup Ventilation. Machine with Integrated Humidifier.

  3. Machine can operate either on compressed air / inbuilt Turbine.

  4. Suitable for Hospitals, ICU and Transport.

  5. 7" High Resolution LED Touch Screen and Integrated Alarms .

  6. Integrated humidifier comes with smart temperature control feature which maintains the Humidifier temperature within the set range.

  7. User Friendly Interface.

  8. Real Time Waveforms for Presssure and Flow.

  9. Audio - Visual Alarms.

  10. Set Vs Actual Values Monitoring.

  11. Estimated Tidal Volume Display on all CPAP and BIPAP modes.

HFNC Parameters
  • Flow-2 to 80 LPM.

  • F102- 2 1to 100%.

  • Temperature - 31 to 37 Degree Celsius.

  • Independent monitoring of Quantity of 02 and Air.

  • Barometric compensation for Fi02 available as an option.

CPAP Parameters
  • Fi02 - 21 to 100%.

  • CPAP Level - Upto 20 cmH2O.

  • Temperature - 31 to 37. Degree Celsius

  • Apnea Alarm.

  • Apnea Time : 5 to 45 sec.

  • Independent monitoring of Quantity of Oland Air.

  • Barometric compensation for Fi02 available as an option.

BIPAP Parameters
  • Fi02 - 21 to 100%.

  • IPAP and EPAP Level - Upto 20 cmH2O

  • Breath time for IPAP.

  • Temperature - 31 to 37 Degree Celsius.

  • Apnea Alarm.

  • Independent monitoring of Quantityof 02 and Air.

  • Barometric compensation for H02 available as an option.

Standard Accessories

  • Breathing Circuit, CPAP/BIPAP Vented Mask.

  • Inspiratory Limb with Heater Wire, Bacteria Filter, Nasal Cannula.

  • Humidification Chamber (Disposable).

  • Temperature and Heater Coil Probes.

  • Oxygen and Air Hoses.

Monitored Parameters

  • Pressure, Breath Rate, Flow, FiO2, Estimated Tidal Volume, Estimated Minute Volume, Temperature.

Special Features

  1. Leakage Detection / Circuit Removed.

  2. Vent Engine Cleaning Function.

  3. Low / High FiO2.

  4. Self Tests.

  5. Resistive touch screen suitable for rough and tough operation at field.

  6. Breath Rate Detection


  1. HighPressure Alarm.

  2. System Failure Alarms.

  3. Temp Not achieved.

  4. Low Gas Supply.

  5. Apnea Alarm.

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