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  • Founder chairman First National conference on “Pediatrics Critical Care” 1999, which initiated the trend of Annual Conferences of PICC in India & kicked off vibrant Pediatric intensive care chapters

  • First Asia Pacific Conference of ‘Pediatric Intensive Care’ at Pune in 2000

  • First National Meet On ‘Fluid Electrolyte and Blood Gases. (21st-23rd Nov, 2003, Nagpur)

  • First International Conference in India Dedicated to “NEONATAL VENTILATION – NEOVENT”

  • First National Conference dedicated to Pediatric Sepsis- Sepsis 2010

  • Three Editions of Conference Titled “BOOKS TO BEDSIDE” which involved the participation of reputed international authors of pediatric text books as faculties. Conducted in association with the U.S based global organization, “PHYSICIANS FOR PEACE” in the years 2015, 2016 & 2017

  • First workshop on mechanical ventilation in neonates by indigenously developed simulations at NNF 2016 PUBLICATIONS:

  • Oxygen therapy in Pediatrics: Indian journal of Paediatrics volume 67, pages 885–891(2000)

  • Maintenance fluid therapy: Indian Journal of Practical Pediatrics, Vol.6. No. 2, APR-JUN 2004

  • Neonatal Lupus erythematous 3 presentations-2014, INDIAN JOURNAL OF PAEDIATRIC DERMATOLOGY

  • Management of Hepatic encephalopathy in children: Post Graduate Medical Journal: 2010 PMJ

  • EPIC Course: Contributory author

  • Acute Bronchiolitis: A Review, Indian journal of pediatric intensive care: Vol.2 No.2 April-June 2001

  • Algoman: Gearing up for the ‘Net Generation’ and Era of Artificial Intelligence, One Step at a time, SpringerLink,


  • Oxygen Therapy: Conducted more than 100 such workshops in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh

  • Applied Microbiology in association with Dr. Thakar, consultant microbiologist more than 10 workshops conducted all over India.

  • Life Sciences: Conducted 3 workshops under banner of PICC India

  • First Workshop on Ventilatory simulations (Ingeniously developed simulators) held at Mahabaleshwar India at PICC National Conference

  • First Indian workshop on simulation (developed indigenously) in NNF, India

  • Broncho Vet workshop on bronchoscopy held in association with veterinary College, Nagpur, India in 2017 as a part of Books to Bedside

  • E- Learning workshop by MUHS (Maharashtra Health University), conceptualized and executed for the first time in the country using NRI (Neonatal resuscitation India) app created by Dr Satish Deopujari


  1. Assisted Ventilation of Neonate: Goldsmith and Edward Karotkin et all.

  2. Pediatric and Neonatal Ventilation: Dr. Pravin Khilnani

  3. EPIC Course IAP Intensive Care Chapter India: contributory author

  4. BPIC Course IAP Intensive Care Chapter India: contributory author

  5. Executive Editor of Journal of Pediatric Critical Care.

Academic Contributions - Dr Satish Deopujari

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