Interdisciplinary Research

Interdisciplinary Research

  • Developed Medical Apps: Developed 12 Medical Apps on IOS and Android related to critical Care and Point of Care Technology. Largest downloaded apps in the domain of critical care today
  • Developed World’s first and only app on iWatch for point of care diagnosis of ABG.
  • Indigenously developed simulators – Mechanical Ventilation | ABG analysis | A/a-DO analysis | O2 dissociation curve and delivery of O2 – Cardiac pump simulator
  • BITS PILANI associated research: Developed a pressure sensor placed at the tip of ET tube. This is the first such effort globally. Related paper was presented at (ASME 2014)
  • World Conference of Mechanical Engineers held at Houston, Texas, U.S.A in 2014
  • Advanced ventilator: Collaborative project leading a team from IIT Bombay to develop a ventilator (WIP)
  • OXYGEN HELMET: Oxygen helmet is a method of N.I. Ventilation, consultant to this project & responsible for pulmonary dynamics. (Project by IIT B & THERMAX Industries). Marketed by InnAccel Technologies India
  • ALGOMAN is a unique software for creating flowcharts with exemplary ease of use, feature set, and value. It also allows them to access these flowcharts seamlessly though a public interface which houses a collection of public flowcharts, thus providing solutions to all problems in a logical manner. Algoman flow chart software is an ideal method to visualize your data, troubleshoot and optimize processes, and share information in real time and loaded with user-friendly features which makes it ideal online flowchart maker accessible from PC or as an app on your phone. The app is readily available for everyone at
  • Lung Museum was conceptualised and created by Dr Satish Deopujari & Dr Vedprakash Mishra with department of physiology DMIMS Nagpur’s Dr Shubhada and Dr Anagha. One of its kind museum on lungs & support systems by SATEJ Medinnova. It’s a made in India working model of negative pressure ventilator with graphics, possibly one of its kind globally. India’s first ventilator calibrating device. Worlds first transparent ventilator designed for engineers & physicians to facilitate leaning. Worlds smallest ventilator with lung function test, HFNC, Pranayama mode, our inspiratory hold therapy, Battery operated & on WiFi

PranaSetO2 – ICU Non-Invasive Ventilator

  • India’s first ICU NIV ventilator with HFNC
  • Pressure Graphics on HFNC, amazing graphics on all modes
  • Inbuilt Humidification System
  • Potential AI Inbuilt
  • Cost is less than 1/3rd of market models

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Dr Satish Deopujari

Dr Satish Deopujari is on a mission to keep on innovating, much like a perpetual innovation machine, which works across boundaries of disciplines, geographies, you name it. He has worked with innumerable causes and people from rural India to the top experts globally. He is hungry for contributing more innovations to humanity and if you're looking to collaborate with him, reach out to him right away!

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