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Dr Satish Deopujari & Dr Vedprakash Mishra

A complete tour of the state-of-the-art centre — aptly named Svadhyaya — leaves you enriched with a low-down on lung functions, respiratory diseases beside overall evolution of medical history. In Svadhyaya — the centre for self-directed learning, the city has got country’s first lung museum ‘Lungs of DMIMS’ on the DMMC campus. What makes it more special is a transparent portable ventilator ‘Pransetu mini’ innovated and patented by well-known paediatrician Dr Satish Deopujari. While ‘Pransetu mini’ and some of the models have been developed in Nagpur, others in Pune also.

The working lungs model and ventilators have been developed by local human and technical resources. “It is not easy to make a transparent device. Aesthetics have to be kept in mind. Some of these technologies are not rocket science, but simple,” said Dr Deopujari.

I owe this project to Shree Sagarji Meghe, it was because of him that this project is a reality, his vision in the field of medical education is really futuristic and relevant to the developing world. 

Dr Vedprakash Mishra is the main inspiration behind this unique idea, his thought about museum as an area of SELF LEARNING motivated me in taking up this challenge.  Department of Physilogy at DMIMS nagpur is the soul of this project and hard work and brain behind, the applied physiolgy of LUNG museum is essentially because of Dr Shubhada Gade and Dr Anagha Sahastrabuddhe.

SATEJ MEDINOVA with its brilliant team is the BRAHMA of this DMIMS LUNG.

Silent features of lung Museum and it's future strategies , my thoughts 💭 

  1. The project is unique, only of its king globally and completely conceptualised and created in India. 

  2. Perfect blend of technology and medicine, like making a transparent ventilator is an example of learning for both medical and engineering domains. 

  3. Chronic and life threatening lung diseases are major worries in next 100 years and we need to acquire knowledge in both these areas and and as leaders in medical education DMIMS is empowering our country by LUNG MUSEUM project. 

  4. By creating a museum BOOK we are creating a sense of belonging, students would be able to add there pages here. 

  5. Through our apps on complex topics like ABG we are making these topics playable.  This format is used across the world and are now a part of our museum on TV medium. 

  6. Negative pressure ventilator is a engineering marvel and reminds us of frightening past. We made it workable.  (The first negative pressure ventilator was described by British physician John Dalziel in 1832) We have made it workable and technically advanced! ) 

  7. Smallest and smartest Woking ventilators done fully in Nagpur is our major asset.  So many more and will write a book on our museum soon. # #technology #education #education #medicine

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