"We are not students of some subject matter,

rather students of problems...

problems cut across the borders of subject matter…

and that my dear, is Interdisciplinary research!"

Dr Satish Deopujari

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Edu App on Paediatric DKA

Breaking boundaries Worldwide

Since the launch in India, first in Hyderabad & then in Nagpur (IGGMC, AOP, AIIMS and DMIMS), within 48 hours, the PDKA app has already crossed 400 users globally and has been well accepted by all. The app will be soon launched in the UK.

William Lamb (MB BS, MD, FRCP, FRCPCH) a globally renowned paediatric endocrinologist from UKexpert in paediatric diabetes, speaking about PDKA app developed by Dr Deopujari & team at Nagpur and released for the world to use for free.

Shree Nitin ji Gadkari's encouraging words

Starting the day with Shree Nitin ji Gadkari's acknowledgement of our decade-long efforts, alongside the Times of India featuring our patent, is humbling.

It feels like a milestone in our collective journey. Your support and blessings have brought us here. I will embrace this recognition with humility and use it as fuel to continue innovating and impacting lives positively.

Thank you for being the driving force behind our success.


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Patent awarded to the group

About the patent received recently by our group. Presently we measure pressure with ventilators far away from the point where it really matters. Measuo pressure in the airways near the carina would be reflecting the pressure dynamics differently and hence this project was undertaken.

This point near carina would be conglomeration of flow / pressure from trachea and left and right main bronchus , in addition intra thoracic pressure would be a major player as well and thus presumably this will open up a total new knowledge about the dynamics at this point.
Long way to go still from this point.

It's been a work for last 10 years. Team led by Dr. Singru deserves a big applause.

Our group recently received a patent for a project that aims to revolutionize pressure measurement in ventilators. Instead of measuring pressure far from the critical point, we focus on the airways near the carina, where pressure dynamics differ significantly. This area, influenced by flow/pressure from the trachea and main bronchi, along with intra-thoracic pressure, promises to unveil new insights into respiratory dynamics. Led by Dr. Singru, our team has dedicated the past decade to this endeavor.

Applause is due for their efforts.

Current Portfolios

  • Director, Shree Child Clinics, Dhantoli, Nagpur
  • Director Academics, Nelson Mother & Child Care Hospital, Nagpur
  • Professor Emeritus, Indira Gandhi Government Medical College, Nagpur
  • Adjunct Professor of Practice (Mechanical Engineering) V.N.I.T, Nagpur
  • Founder Chairman, National Paediatric Intensive Chapter (1998- 2000)
  • President, Cardiac Intensive Care Foundation

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