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Complete ABG – Apps

This app helps in ABG diagnosis and make understanding this complex subject easy. It is designed as H and and puts the HH equation at the centre stage. On the [...]
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Alveolar Gas Tutor – Apps

This app is designed to learn the correlation between respiratory variables [respiratory rate, tidal volume, dead space & fraction of inspired oxygen (FiO2)] and to know its impact on alveolar [...]
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ODC Tutor – Apps

ODC represents partial pressure of oxygen on horizontal axis and saturation of hemoglobin on vertical axis. The normal sigmoid curve can be shifted to right or left on the app. [...]
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Alveolar – arterial A-a Gradient – Apps

A-a oxygen gradient — The alveolar - arterial (A-a) oxygen gradient is a measure of oxygen transfer across alveolar capillary membrane (“A” denotes alveolar and “a” denotes arterial oxygenation). It [...]
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